Parent and Caregiver Resources

Talking to Kids about COVID-19 provides information and resources regarding how to explain COVID-19 to children of all ages (birth-18) in ways that children are able to understand.

General mental health information resources for parents on depression,
anxiety, eating disorders, suicide, AD/HD, hotlines, handouts

Mental Health Support in Michigan

Provides information on mental health supports available in Michigan and basic needs resources

Mental Health Information for Parents of Teens from Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health America - For Parents

Provides parents with information regarding a broad range of mental health difficulties and supports 

Mental Health America - Depression in Teens
When teens’ moods disrupt their ability to function on a day-to-day basis, it may indicate a serious emotional or mental disorder that needs attention — adolescent depression. Parents or caregivers must take action.

Eating Disorder Resources for Parents of Students Struggling with Eating Disorders

SAMHSA-Substance Abuse Information, Mental Health Support, Suicide Prevention

Coping Skills for Kids

Strategies for parents to help kids cope with anxiety and various other mental health concerns-offers calming exercises/strategies and supports


StayWell Tips for parents, caregivers and guardians

Includes family resources and guidance for all ages.



Peer Support MI Mental Health Hotline connects people living with persistent mental health conditions to certified peer support specialists. Available 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week at 888-PEER-753 (888-733-7753).

National Association of School Psychologists - Supporting Children's Mental Health

Parent handout on supporting students with mental health difficulties

National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Parent/Caregiver handout on supporting children during COVID-19

NAMI - Learning to Help Your Child and Your Family

Parent handout with helpful information about suicide

National Association of School Psychologists - Preventing Youth Suicide

Handout for parents with information about suicide

Positive behavior strategies for parents to use to improve completion of schoolwork, chores, and following directions at home.

Behavior Support Help from Yale

Parent Cue Cards-quick tips/help with behavioral/emotional concerns

Resources for Families - supporting children's emotional well being and social skills across all grade levels, along with practical strategies for caring adults to actively create the nurturing environments that bolster Heart-Mind Well-being.

Parent Toolkit provides benchmarks and tips for your child's growth

Academic and Mental Health Resources to help children with math, reading, financial literacy, and emotional support for students across all grade levels (K-12).

Support for Parents of Children with Autism Document for COVID-19

Resources include social stories, visual schedules, creating routines, mindfulness, self monitoring, task analysis, behavior awareness, and fostering connections.

The NED SHOW Responsibility Charts
The NED Show, a character education program designed to help kids become champions at school and in life, provides h
elpful handouts to assist children in being responsible and making positive choices at home.

Children Playing Football

Physical Exercise and Yoga exercise videos and resources that families can use at home to keep children active and calm

Preschool and Elementary Student Exercise Resource

Google Document created by physical education teachers with a variety of videos that parents can do at home. The videos include the following: dancing, general fitness, jumping, bowling,
outdoor exercise, fitness scavenger hunts, and yoga.

Go Noodle

Fun fitness and dance videos for kids, great way to make exercise fun at home get your children moving

Open Physical Education Active Home Module

Fun resource to get exercise at home and in nature during COVID-19 with children-interactive and interesting for all ages. The tools and resources on the page are designed to help families enjoy
physical activity together as a way to enhance physical and emotional health and

Open Phys Ed Yoga and Mindfulness Module

Yoga and Mindfulness are exercises that can help calm children of all ages. These exercises are particularly helpful during stressful times.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Youtube video channel with fun yoga exercises for preschool and elementary students

Exercise strategies that parents can use with children to help them calm down and focus on the present moment.


Relaxation Videos (grades 3-5) 

Cartoon video explaining how to do the 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise.



Relaxation Videos (grades 6-12)

Short videos to help older students learn basic relaxation exercises and strategies













Mindfulness Meditation (Grades 9-12)

Helps teach high school students basic strategies to relax and decrease worries

Mindfulness Breathing (grades 6-12)

Helps teach students to learn how to breathe deeply to relax

Remote Learning Tips for Students with AD/HD includes Strategies to Increase Success for Students with AD/HD in online/remote learning.

Parent Toolkit - Academic and Mental Health Resources

Resources to help children with math, reading, financial literacy, and emotional support for students across all grade levels (K-12)

8 Tips for Parents about Remote Learning

Quick article that outlines helpful strategies to use  supporting students in remote learning

SEESAW-Learning Tips for Families at Home

Handout with tips for success in remote learning

Michigan Alliance for Families

Information about supporting students with disabilities during COVID-19 in remote learning, input regarding IEP meetings during COVID-19, and how IEPs will be followed during distance learning.

Free Learning Resources that families can use in their home that are free or low cost to support online learning.

Khan Academy

Free online learning program


Math games and resources for elementary school

Learning Library

Free Worksheets, Learning Booklets, and Games for Math, Reading, Social Studies


Free Reading Comprehension and Literacy Website